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Aku’s lush beauty and wellness products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, and other harmful ingredients. Your body is a temple, and we are committed to helping you worship and care for it, inside and out. 

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Our products are born from passionate curiosity. We draw inspiration from the world around us and the world before us. Our history, our culture, the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and our collective human consciousness. We believe Mother Nature has blessed our world with everything we need to thrive and glow, and we take joy in exploring her gifts. The vision for our products come to life through detailed research and development, testing and re-testing, until the perfect formulas are created. It’s this wonderful mix of passion and thoughtful expertise that makes our products as effective as they are lovely to our senses.

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Our Ingredients

Locally sourced from the rich and lush farms and forests of Africa, our ingredients are pure, fresh and ethically cultivated. Proudly and sustainably handcrafted in Ghana, our products are formulated with natural plant-based ingredients and are free of animal cruelty, chemicals and toxins.