Five Self-care Habits to Adopt This Year

  • Feb, 07 , 22
  • Ifeoma Chukwuogo

At Aku Organics, we believe that taking care of yourself inside and out is one of the most effective ways to feel happier, reduce anxiety, recharge, and be as productive as possible.

So why not make self-care a daily habit? 

Here are our favorite self-care habits to adopt this year: 

  • Journaling

  • Take 10 minutes at the end of your day , and write down whatever is on your mind. Mentally release those things as you write. This helps let go of things that are holding us back. Writing daily in a journal is a wonderful way to practice emotional self-care. By writing about your day, you can identify negative or uncomfortable emotions and gradually develop healthy coping mechanisms.

  • Read and Learn daily 

  • Investing your time in self-development is key. The world changes everyday and there are a huge number of books, podcasts and articles that give us the opportunity to grow and remain relevant in the industry.  Do not stay behind by assuming that you know everything. This year, schedule a time for self-development everyday- learn something new and read or listen to some new and insightful information. 

  • Exercise 

  • Stretch, swim, run, dance, do yoga – or whatever activity you enjoy. Exercise is a key part of self-care and is proven to help reduce anxiety, depression, and a negative mood by improving self-esteem and cognitive function.

    If you have a busy schedule and exercising is not your favorite thing in the world, maybe you can schedule a workout session with a friend. This way you get your dose of daily exercise so you can stay fit and healthy, but you also get the chance to catch up with a favorite person. 

    1. Eat Healthier

    Our natural instincts are to eat high-calorie foods that aren’t particularly good for us. And this happens mainly when we are stressed or overwhelmed or need some sort of comfort. Unfortunately, this instinct greatly reduces longevity.

    Eating healthy makes us feel better, mentally and physically. It sounds cliche but it's the truth. This year, decide to feed your body daily with healthy food including fruits and vegetables so you can achieve a state of optimal health.

    1. Unplug

    Your brain needs a rest from the constant stimulation of the internet, your smartphone, TV, tablets, phone calls and so on. Especially when you come back from a long day at work. Put your phone aside and reconnect with yourself. Sit with yourself and do something that makes you truly happy. You may listen to your favorite song or take a long bath, or just sit to decompress and take stock of your day

    Whatever you do, decide to unplug and make yourself a priority for a few hours everyday.

    Adopting at least one of these self-care habits will change your life for the better.

    YOU deserve the best. Treat yourself that way. Which one of these will you adopt first?